Can Elmas is founded in 1998 by Can Elmas. Previously they have worked at YEG Architecture’s Ankara and Istanbul offices, Aytöre Genç Architecture n Ankara, at Yost Grube Hall Architecture in Portland, USA and Constandino Dardi Studio in Roma İtaly.

Cam Elmas’s design experince covers housing, tourism, indurstrial, education, culture, office, recreation, health, urban design and interior design. They also participated many design competitions receiving honors such as 3rd place in Izmir Airport competiton They also received European Property award in 2011with their one of a kind Ice Museum.

Can Elmas had worked with European clients and companies such as OMV and Austroplan from Austria, OBO Betterman, RWE and Karsten Brauer from Germany, Metka from Greece, Empresarios Agrupados from Spain and Medview Properties from UK. Apart from Turkey, Akyurek Elmas has completed projects for Turkmenistan, Azerbeican, Cyprus, and Russia